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Welcome To Poets For Dinner

Are you a lover of poetry? Would you just love to invite United States Poet Laureate Ted Kooser, or former United States Poet Laureate, Billy Collins, to a dinner party at your home to entertain your guests and impress your friends? Well sadly, most of us can't afford to book someone as famous as Misters Kooser and Collins even if we were able to get in touch with them, but don't dispair as there are lots of great poets living somewhere near you who would be very happy to come eat your food and drink your wine at prices far less than what you might expect to pay a United States Poet Laureate.

In the Search For Poets links below you will find state by state listings for poets in your area and how you may contact them. While the list may be short now I expect it to grow to be very large as more poets learn of it. Each poet listed will also have links to their websites where you may view examples of their works and learn more about them.

The cost of booking these poets is between you and the poet you choose. There is no charge for the use of this website, nor do I charge the poets to be listed here. The only thing I expect from the poets listed here is a link back to this site. If you're a poet and wish to be listed here, please e-mail idlehandsmag (AT) with your country, state, city, contact info (e-mail and/or telephone number) and the complete URL of your website or blog. When I see the link on your site I'll happily add you to the listings.